Debs Ball

Debs Ball 2019


Whetstone Primary School hosted their Annual Debutantes Ball on the 19th July 2019 at Sunford Hall. The exciting theme 'A Night in Paris' enthralled the audience as they were transported to the 'City of Love'.
This being the social highlight, on the school calender, enhanced the confidence, poise and social graces of the debutantes. There was an overwhelming response from learners to participate. There were 41 participants from Grade R and 55 from Grade 7.

The night was explosive with glitz and glamour. The guest artists Michelle, Dennis, Samantha and Malcom from La Paloma and Rohann Ramkissoon from Entertainment Spectacular graced the stage with their amazing dance performance.
The Debutantes dance sequences left the audience mesmerized.

The Mini Debs Winners 2019:
2nd Runner Up - Reashal Ramjugath
1st Runner Up - Renay Leah Naidoo
Winner Mini Debs 2019 - Fareeha Mohamed
Fareeha Mohamed broke all records of previous years as she brought in the highest amount ever recorded in the history of Whetstone Primary School

Debs Ball Winners 2019:
2nd Runner Up - Joslyn Natalia Pillay
1st Runner Up - Mckaylen Armugam
Winner Debs Ball 2019 - Muhammed Sufiyaan Sherriff

The splendour of the Debs's Ball certainly left an indelible print in the minds of all.
An overall amount of R321 000 was raised.

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