Sports Day

Sports Day 2019


The Annual Athletics Meeting 2019 is one of the highlights on Whetstone Primary School calender. This affords the learners an opportunity to showcase their athletic talent, thus, creating a holistic education.

The Tug `o War is a field event which took place on 15th April 2019 on the school ground. The log position read:
Tulip - 36 points
Protea - 32 points
Lotus - 26 points
Jasmine - 18 points
House Masters and Misstresses trained learners for track events and novelty items with great commitment. There was a healthy competitive spirit that prevailed among educators and learners of the various houses.

The Annual Athletics was held with great pomp and grandeur on the school grounds on the 18th April 2019. It began at 9am with a colourful parade of the four houses with their mascots and cheerleaders.
The sports was attended by supportive parents of the community and well wishers. The novelty items, Mother's Race and Father's Race were the main attraction of the day.
The much awaited winning trophy of 2019 went to Lotus House with 365 points, followed by Protea in second position with 330 points. In third position was Tulip with 301 points and Jasmine in fourth position with 217 points.

The Victor 2019 was Neo Rankoro from Protea House.
The Victrix 2019 was Aikhona Sithole from Protea House.
The day concluded with Jasmine House scooping the trophy for being the Cleanest House.

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